Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


These are the types of opportunities we have to offer

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)

Help future patients by sharing your West Park experience. We’re building a new hospital and to ensure we continue to provide exemplary care and operational excellence in the new building, we need your help! Meaningful opportunity to lend your voice to contribute to building better healthcare via participation in interviews, focus groups and surveys, for six research projects. Learn more.

Rehabilitation (OT,PT, SLP)

Learn more about OT and PT by volunteering with a group in one of the following rehab areas: Rehab Plus, Neurological Rehabilitation, Complex Continuing Care Gym. Those wishing to gain Speech Language Pathology (SLP) related experience may volunteer with the Eating Together program or as a Communication Facilitator.

Recreation Therapy

Enhance the lives of patients by supporting a variety of daytime, evening and weekend programs. e.g. cooking, art, gardening, community outings, drumming, entertainment, pub night, music appreciation,  tech group, games, movies, special events, pet visits, etc.

Patient Support

Gain experience in a health care environment by supporting patients from the Chronic Assisted Ventilatory Care and Respiratory Complex Continuing Care units. Volunteers may also be interested in accompanying rehabilitation patients to medical appointments in the community.

Special Projects

These are time limited opportunities that benefit from the assistance of skilled volunteers e.g. Flu Shot Campaign, conducting surveys, research projects.

Spiritual & Religious Care

Opportunities include accompanying patients to worship service, drumming, hymn sing, Rosary prayer group, and one to one visits.

Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness and Infection Prevention and Control

Great opportunity for nursing and occupational health and safety students to gain related skills by conducting hand hygiene audits, offering outbreak support, and supporting staff education related to these areas.

Other areas

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