Education opportunities for staff

ensuring quality care through continuing education

Staff education

West has a number of programs that provide continuing education for employees and recognize their teaching efforts.

Tecla Lin Education Fund Bursary

Awarded in honour of Tecla Lin, a West Park nurse who succumbed to SARS in 2003, this bursary is given to nurses who share the commitment to continuing education and excellent care that Tecla Lin exhibited every working day. Supported by the Foundation, the Tecla Lin Education Fund is awarded annually to Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses who are continuing their education.

Employee Tuition Bursary Fund

This fund provides educational financial support to West Park Healthcare Centre staff with financial support to cover tuition costs for the pursuit of continuing education that will advance the mission, vision and core values and potential career development at West Park Healthcare Centre. The purpose of the fund is to encourage life long learning among employees by providing financial support for continuing education relevant to the applicant's work and career development at West Park and/or academic standing at a recognized post secondary institution.

Other education opportunities

West Park provides numerous telemedicine education events throughout the year and encourages staff in their continuing education through courses, conferences and workshops.

Excellence in Clinical Education Awards

Presented every year, these awards recognize some of the Centre staff and physicians who excel in teaching the healthcare professionals of the very near future. Through a student experience survey, students have the opportunity to recommend staff and physicians staff for recognition awards. This illustrates West Park's commitment to students which has nurtured an environment of teaching, learning and discovery across multiple disciplines, making West Park a very popular place for students. The continued teaching efforts of staff has resulted in large increases in the number of student weeks at West Park over the last few years.