Virtual Care Resources

Patient resources for virtual visits

Virtual care  

Virtual Care refers to the use of video or audio communications technology to provide health care services remotely in real time. Examples of Virtual Care include providing health care to patients over the phone or using web-conferencing video technologies like Zoom for Healthcare. Many programs at West Park are starting to provide Virtual Care to their patients. 

The Purpose of this Page

This document is a compiled list of resources to provide support for West Park patients using virtual care. The links here will direct you to internal and external resources that provide more information on how to use virtual care.

1) Introduction to Virtual Care

This page will provide an introduction to Virtual Care at West Park and help patients prepare for virtual visits.

Preparing for Virtual Care (pdf)

2) Virtual Care Technology

To complete a virtual visit, you and your provider will need to use a videoconferencing platform such as OTN or Zoom. Ask your provider what platform you will be using for your virtual visit so that you can be prepared.

Zoom User Guide (pdf)

OTN User Guide (pdf)

3) Consent

You will also need to give consent to participating in a virtual visit with your provider. Below are the forms you will need to consent to the visit.

Consent Form (pdf)

4) General Help

For more information about virtual care, follow the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions