Seniors' Services

Helping older Individuals improve their functional ability and quality of life

Senior patient with staff member

As age and illness take their toll, many elderly individuals become less able to look after themselves.

West Park Healthcare Centre's inpatient and community services help these individuals improve their functional ability, maximize their level of independence and enhance their quality of life.

West Park also has a Long-Term Care Centre on Campus that provides a warm and welcoming home for the enjoyment of residents and their families. Click here to learn more.

Services include:

Functional Enhancement Service (In-Patient)
Seniors' Services
Helping older adults improve their functional ability and quality of life after injury or stroke View
Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic
Seniors' Services
Specializing in the Functional enhancement of older adults with complex medical and psychosocial issues and age-related changes View
Seniors Mental Health Service
Seniors' Services
Practical advice and information about mental health problems for seniors View