Seniors Mental Health Service

Practical advice and information about mental health problems for seniors


West Park’s Seniors Mental Health Service helps older adults who are 60 years of age and older. If you find you have a depressed mood, memory loss, anxiety or nervousness or have difficulty managing everyday activities, you may find it helpful to talk to us.

Seniors Mental Health Service

We will come to your residence if you live in Etobicoke, York and North York (west of Dufferin Street). If you live outside of these areas, we can suggest a similar service in your neighbourhood.

An assessment is conducted in your home by a mental health professional such as a social worker, nurse or occupational therapist. We will help you review your present challenges and work with you to define the areas you would like to work on.

If you are concerned about your memory, we can do memory testing with you. We can review your medications, your health challenges and discuss how these may be impacting your mental health.

Family members/caregivers are welcome to attend and be active participants in this process.

We have a psychiatrist on our team to consult with on your behalf and we can coordinate care with your family doctor, with your consent.

The service provides practical advice and information about mental health problems to help you cope. We can also recommend other community programs and help you access them.

Typically, we are involved with your situation for about four-six weeks and then periodically follow up.

To download a brochure on the Seniors Mental Health Service, click here.

Seniors' Services

There is no cost for this service.

Eligibility: Older adults 60 years of age and older who live in Etobicoke, York and North York, west of Dufferin Street (see "Referral requirements" for more detail).

Clients of West Park Healthcare Centre's Seniors Mental Health Service are individuals 60 years of age or older who:

  • Are experiencing a mental health issue;
  • Display significant changes in mood and behaviour;
  • Have difficulty managing safely due to changes in their mental function;
  • Are medically stable;
  • Reside in the community (including a retirement residence). Service is available to individuals who reside in a geographic area west of Yonge Street in the boroughs of Etobicoke, York and North York.

This non-crisis service is also helpful for care givers experiencing stress while caring for a relative and who would like information about local community services and long-term care facilities. The service is provided at no cost to seniors.

Requests for service can be made directly by individuals, physicians, community service providers or concerned family members. You can call us to initiate a referral or download referral form here and attach any other relevant background data.  Fax the completed form to 416 243-3735.

Catchment area includes Etobicoke, the former city of York and North York west of Dufferin Street.

For further information on this service or to make an appointment, please call 416-243-3732.

Our ability to respond to crisis situations is very limited. We operate during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.