Provincial Long-term Ventilation Strategy

West Park is part of a new provincial initiative to help improve the lives of Ontarians living with long-term ventilation and complex respiratory issues

Hands holding ventilator

West Park is working with the Ministry of Health and several other hospitals on a three-year pilot to improve the quality of life for patients who require ventilation. The Pilot will: 

Help keep ICU beds available for those who need them the most.

Improve the quality of life for people requiring long-term ventilation by allowing these individuals to receive specialized care closer to home.  

Reduce unnecessary emergency department visits.

Coordinate long-term vent expertise from across the province and make it available for all Ontarians closer to where they live.

Coordinate existing resources from across the province to support better patient care.  

The pilot builds on the expertise of four hospitals that specialize in the support and care of people requiring long-term ventilation and those with complex respiratory needs. These hospitals will support specialized providers that exist within their geographies to form three hub and spoke structures. A hub and spoke model works like a wheel, with the hub being the central point, in this case a hospital leading the pilot project regionally, and the spokes, being the community hospitals delivering the services. This structure will enable patients who previously required ventilation support in a hospital to safely transition to an alternate care setting within their community.   

West Park’s dedication and expertise for providing exemplary care to patients with complex respiratory conditions has been recognized by the Ministry of Health and across the health sector for over two decades. As the Long-Term Ventilation Provincial Centre of Excellence, West Park has supported ongoing improvements in care, in collaboration with patients, families and healthcare professionals. We are pleased to announce our participation in a new provincial initiative that will further improve the lives of Ontarians with Long Term Ventilation and complex respiratory issues.  

Click here to see a list of hospitals currently linked to a hub site. Additional hospitals will be added as the strategy expands.