Out-patient Clinics and Services

Out-patient clinics for people who live in the community


Individuals with complex and ongoing health problems need help from time to time to maintain or improve their health and quality of life. West Park Healthcare Centre's Out-patient Clinics and Services conduct assessment, treatment and on-going care after discharge. It provides a variety of rehabilitation and wellness services as a continuum of care upon discharge, and trains family members and caregivers to provide care in the home.

Outpatient Clinics

Amputee Clinics

  • Individuals with limb amputations can access the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) for authorized mobility aids (except wheel chairs).
  • Includes amputee assessment and follow-up clinics

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic

  • For patients with severe communication disorders
  • Services include assessment of communication challenges (including speaking, writing or using the telephone)prescription of technology and training in strategies to enhance communication

Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic

  • Specialty out-patient clinic focusing on the functional enhancement of older adults with complex medical and psychosocial issues and age-related changes; 
  • Services include comprehensive assessment of the domains associated with aging to identify factors that can improve health, maximize independence and safety and optimize quality of life

Spasticity Management Clinic

  • Physiatrist (rehabilitation specialist) assessment and treatment of individuals with spasticity disorders-

Type: Wellness & Therapy

Funding: The cost of the service is covered for patients with a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card issued by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. (See "Additional Information" for more detail)

Eligibility: Adults living in the community

Referral requirements:

Amputee Clinics

  • Appointments made in consultation with a West Park physiatrist
  • For appointments, please call 416-243-3600, ext. 2724.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic

  • To make a referral, please call 416-243-3600, ext. 4679.

Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic

  • To make a referral, please call the clinic coordinator at 416-243-3600 Ext. 2281 

Spasticity Management Clinic

  • Appointments made in consultation with a West Park physiatrist;
  • For appointments, please call the clinic at 416-243-3721 to obtain a referral form and have the completed form faxed to us at 416-243-3907

Contact Information:

For further information about West Park's Out-patient Clinics and services, please call 416-243-3640.

Additional Information:

  • Referrals may or may not be required dependant on the clinic/service being accessed.
  • Access times vary according to service. Some services may be accessed right away, some are accessible 24 – 48 hours from date of referral, and in some cases, there may be waiting lists.
  • Patients living in northwest Toronto have waitlist priority.
  • While appointments are not required to access all services, booking in advance is encouraged to secure the most ideal appointment time and date.
  • Certain services require a valid Ontario health card (OHIP card) issued by the provincial Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
  • Patients may face additional fees for equipment and/or services.