Stroke Education Resources

Understanding stroke and recovery

Man and Brain


This presentation talks about what a stroke is, and the possible impacts, as well as the recovery that happens in the brain, and the ways that stroke rehabilitation enhances this. 

Handout - English - Italian

Stroke prevention

Stroke Prevention


This presentation talks about the risk factors for stroke including the steps you can take to reduce the risk of a stroke, and reduce the risk of another stroke if you have already had one.

Handout  - English - Italian

Intimate relationships and sexuality after a stroke or brain injury

hands heart


This video discusses what intimacy and sexuality mean; the impact of stroke and brain injury on intimate relationships and sexuality; strategies to connect with your partner; and other helpful resources.

Handout - English - Italian

Healthy Eating for Stroke Prevention

Man cutting peppers


This presentation talks about how eating right helps prevent a stroke, and gives information and resources on how to eat well.

Link - Canada Food Guide

Discharge Planning in Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

multi-generation family


This presentation talks about the discharge planning that occurs throughout your stay in Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation, including the various supports and resources that are available.

Handout - English - Italian


Toronto Stroke Network’s My Guide For Stroke Recovery (available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Punjabi, and simplified Chinese)