Pino Galati

Pino Galati got his independence and his life back.

Pino Galati

On Christmas Eve 2014, Pino Galati suffered a stroke and was hospitalized.

After a short stay in an acute care hospital, Pino came to West Park's Neurological Rehabilitation Service.

Working with his West Park team, Pino wanted to walk on his own, be able to dress himself again and resume the activities he loved, like playing soccer and dancing. 

He also wanted to regain his independence by driving again. 

Thanks to his team at West Park, his family, and his determination, Pino got his life back dancing, playing soccer, and driving.

He even volunteers now at West Park, helping people get their lives back.

West Park is building a new campus of care to help people like Pino get their lives back.

The new hospital will include multi-purpose rooms on each floor for activities like dancing, and a dedicated vehicle transfer training area.

You can help patients like Pino. Donate to our Get Your Life Back campaign