Beverly Anderson

MSK rehabilitation patient gets life back - twice

Beverly Anderson

Beverly Anderson is a woman accustomed to taking care of others, having spent her life working in a people-centred career. But in 2015, Anderson found herself in a role reversal, requiring others to take care of her at West Park Healthcare Centre.

Having worked as a teacher in her home country of Jamaica, Anderson moved to Canada when she was 29-years-old, eventually pursuing a career as a social worker, a career she excelled in for 33 years.

After a lifetime of caring for others, Anderson’s life took a drastic turn after a car accident left her with spinal stenosis and nerve damage in her left leg, causing her a great deal of pain. In 2015, she underwent surgery to support her spine with rods and screws and needed physical rehabilitation to recover.

Anderson was admitted to West Park’s musculoskeletal unit after her surgery as an inpatient before continuing her rehabilitation as an outpatient. Having regained her strength, Anderson was able to get back to her life of caring for and supporting others for several years.

But in August of 2020, she required a second decompression surgery. But this time, she was much more confident.

“I wanted to come back to West Park after my second surgery because I know how caring, compassionate, and professional the staff are,” Anderson says. “The nurses and doctors here are amazing, and the therapy program is strong and robust. I’ve never hesitated to recommend West Park to others who need it!”

Knowing that she wanted to come back to West Park for her second round of rehabilitation, Anderson knew she would come out stronger on the other end, and she was right. 

“When Beverly was first admitted to West Park’s musculoskeletal rehabilitation unit, she was experiencing pain, weakness, and sensory changes in her leg, and she found it challenging to move around,” recalls Lisa Dalton, Physiotherapy Clinical Practice Leader, who worked with Anderson at West Park. “By working diligently with her care team, Beverly’s pain was alleviated, her legs became stronger, and her functional mobility improved significantly.”

Anderson was discharged from West Park in early September, 2020 and continues her rehabilitation as an outpatient, working to get back to her life of caring for others. She gives a great deal of credit to the care team, specifically Lisete Santos, Rehabilitation Assistant, for her dedication each day. Anderson’s next steps will be her strongest ever, as she gets back to volunteering with her church and helping anyone else in need along the way.