Print Materials

Active Cycle of Breathing

A combination of different breathing techniques to help clear mucous from your lungs. PDF

Benefits of Exercise

Physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise. PDF

Body Mechanics

Learn about the benefits and how to practice good body mechanics. PDF

Controlled Breathing

Using diaphragmatic and pursed lip breathing to control the pace of our breaths. PDF

Controlled Cough

Move and clear mucus using an effective cough. PDF

Coordinated Breathing with Activity

How to use controlled breathing along with exercise and other activitiesPDF

Energy Conservation

Strategies to to help make the most of your energy during the day. PDF

Energy Conservation - Bathing and Showering

Tips to conserve energy when bathing and showering. PDF

Energy Conservation - Bed Making

Tips to conserve energy when making a bed. PDF

Energy Conservation - Dressing

Tips to conserve energy when dressing. PDF

Energy Conservation - Grocery Shopping 

Tips to conserve energy when shopping. PDF

Energy Conservation - House Cleaning

Tips to conserve energy when cleaning the house. PDF

Energy Conservation - Laundry

Tips to conserve energy when doing laundry. PDF

Energy Conservation - Meal Preparation

Tips to conserve energy when preparing a meal. PDF

Energy Conservation - Vacuuming 

Tips to conserve energy when vacuuming. PDF

Home Exercise Program

Keeping yourself on track while exercising at home. PDF

Home Exercise Record

A chart to help you log your exercise at home. PDF

Home Exercise Schedule

A weekly chart to help you schedule your exercise. PDF

Home Oxygen Equipment

Information on oxygen delivery systems and devices. PDF

Huff Coughing 

A technique to move and clear mucusPDF

Lung Irritants

Suggestions on how to avoid lung irritants in our environment. PDF

Nutrition Management

Helpful tips on nutrition for those with lung disease. PDF

Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Devices

Devices that are used to loosen and move mucus. PDF

Pills and Puffers

An overview of some medications used to help manage lung disease. PDF

Recovery Positions

Positions in sitting or standing that may help when you are short of breath. PDF

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale (Borg RPE Scale)

A way to rate your effort when you are doing different activities. PDF

Shortness of Breath Scale (Borg Dyspnea Scale)

A way to rate how short of breath you are when doing different activities. PDF

Help for Shortness of Breath (S.O.S. for S.O.B) 

A series of steps to help manage your shortness of breath. PDF

Supplemental Oxygen 

Information on the use of supplemental oxygen and oxygen therapy. PDF

Taking Your Heart Rate 

Information on how to take your heart rate. PDF

The Respiratory System - Anatomy 

Anatomy of the respiratory system. PDF

The Respiratory System - Breathing 

The process of how we breathePDF

The Respiratory System - Protection 

How our respiratory system protects against infectionPDF

Travelling with Oxygen 

Tips on how to travel with supplemental oxygen. PDF

Warning Signs 

Signs to look for indicating a deterioration in your condition. PDF