Acquired Brain Injury Community Outreach Service

Helping individuals with acquired brain injury in the community


Outreach behavioural rehabilitation provided in clients’ home for individuals with challenging behaviours and an acquired brain injury.

Using principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis we work with clients who have sustained an acquired brain injury to learn skills to help manage challenging behaviours. Behaviour therapists work with clients, family members, and other caregivers in clients’ homes and workplaces, including residential and long-term care facilities.

ABI Community Outreach Service staff and client 

Stroke and Brain Function


Eligibility: Program participants are at least 18 years old; have moderate to severe acquired brain injury; are medically stable; are currently living in, or preparing to return to, the community; and have a family physician. They may also have challenging behaviours and/or physical disabilities. West Park’s setting is barrier-free.

Clients of West Park's ABI Community Outreach Service are adults (18 to 65 years of age) with an acquired brain injury as the result of a trauma or a disease process that has resulted in challenging behaviours.

Clients should:

  • be medically stable;
  • be under the care of a physician;
  • not require hospitalization for medical or psychiatric reasons;
  • not be facing criminal charges.

Any caregiver, professional, or client can make a referral to the ABI Community Outreach Service through the Toronto ABI Network.

Phone: 416-597-3057
Fax: 416-597-7021

If you would like more information about the ABI Adult Outreach Service, please contact Rachna Chaudhary at 416-243-3600, ext. 4135 or 

Outreach services help clients, family members, and caregivers learn to regulate challenging behaviours that appear after sustaining an acquired brain injury. Common behavioural issues include anger, aggression, eating problems, anxiety, and re-learning personal care skills.