Respiratory Rehabilitation

Extending Endurance

Dr. Roger Goldstein and spirometer

Imagine being out of breath from combing your hair. It’s not uncommon for many of the millions of Canadians who suffer from lung disease.

Researchers at West Park are finding ways to make many of those routine tasks routine again.

“Our role is to promote autonomy and a sense of well being for our patients, so that they can perhaps enjoy a better quality of life than they would without us,” says Dr. Roger Goldstein, with West Park's Respiratory Rehabilitation Service.

A long history of research into respiratory rehabilitation at West Park has moved care forward. West Park knows rehabilitation works. People complete programs and are better. Now West Park is finding out which program components work and how to make their effects last longer.

West Park is an international leader in rehabilitation of patients with chronic respiratory conditions. It’s also at the hub of national networks for health care professionals with an interest in the area.

“One of our real strengths is the partnerships between disciplines that have grown through common interests and excellent working relationships,” Dr. Goldstein says.

And the results from those relationships and the resulting research is making a big difference for an understudied, underserviced group of people.