Person-centred practice research

turning knowing into doing

Research Day 2010

Healthcare that is uniquely tailored to the life histories and individual needs of patients and their family members is without question more satisfying than care given in routine, unthinking and de-personalizing ways. That’s where person-centered, evidence-informed practice comes in.

There is a need to better understand how best to get at the patient’s personal story and then how best to translate it into person-centered care practices over the long term. That’s where the Centre’s double armed Person-Centered Practice Research program comes in.

We are always looking for better ways to get to know what’s important to our patients. We need something more than patient satisfaction surveys. They fail to create the depth of understanding about the persons we care for that will ultimately help us humanize the healthcare experience.

The second arm of the research program aims to understand how healthcare workers use the knowledge we acquire about our patients as persons through sustained person-centered, evidence-informed practices. Practice Development, an internationally tested change model, is the methodology we are studying to build this understanding. It can make the difference between knowledge that stays on the shelf, and knowledge that changes a patient’s life for the better.

Getting at the patient’s narrative, their story, in creative and effective ways will help the Centre promote person-centered relationships that are deeply satisfying for those who live, visit, and work at West Park. Finding ways to make those relationships last by supporting staff to turn their knowing into doing will be the ultimate success.

Person-centred practice research is all about finding ways to make sure patients are getting care based on the best available knowledge that we have.


You can read about one of West Park's practice development-related research studies - Photovoice - here.

Enhancing Practice Conference

The world of Practice Development came to Canada for the first time!

Speakers and delegates from Canada, United States, Australia, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, and South Africa converged on Toronto at the Biannual International Enhancing Practice Conference from September 24-26, 2014.

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