Amputee Rehabilitation

moving forward

West Park’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program is a researcher’s dream. As one of the largest adult services in Canada, it has access to the experiences of thousands of patients. That means a gold mine of information and data to tap.

"What we’re trying to do is maximize people’s level of functional independence,” says Dr. Michael Devlin from West Park's Amputee Rehabilitation Service.

Dr. Devlin says much of the research West Park engages in stems from patient questions about their own path after amputation: 'can I drive a car, can I go back to work, can I play sports?' The answer usually is  yes, but West Park is doing research to support the best way to go about resuming those activities.

More than 2,300 major amputations were carried out in Ontario in 2004/2005. West Park are challenging some of the standards of care those patients receive, particularly related to balance and mobility.

The major thrust behind the research is to improve the quality of patients’ lives.