Integrated Bedside Terminals

Bedside Terminals

The Integrated Bedside Terminals (IBTs) study is the second of six research studies being conducted as part of the Centre’s bold Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) project

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IBTs will be implemented in the new West Park hospital. With these terminals, patients will have the ability to control the lighting, temperature and blinds in their rooms; communicate with clinicians and loved ones; browse the internet; and watch television. These and other IBT functions are expected to enhance patient autonomy, facilitate patient independence, and improve clinical efficiencies. 

Before and after the new West Park hospital is built, this study will evaluate how the introduction of IBTs is expected to impact the patient and family experience, and clinical practice and efficiencies.

Pre- and Post-Occupancy Research Activities

The pre-occupancy (pre-construction) phase of the IBT study is now closed. To determine how patients, family/friends and staff will most benefit from the terminals, user feedback was collected from West Park patients, their families, and clinicians. 

The post-occupancy (post-construction) phase of the IBT study is planned for 2024-2025. The new West Park hospital will be assessed to measure the impact of IBTs on the patient and family experience, and clinical practice and efficiencies.

Feedback Wanted

Feedback on the West Park experience in the current hospital has now been collected. Feedback on the new hospital will be collected when the new facility is built (planned for 2024-2025). West Park patients, family/friends and staff are strongly encouraged to participate in IBT or other POE feedback studies. To participate in future POE activities or to learn more, please contact .