Post Occupancy Evaluation

Help future patients by sharing your West Park experience



West Park Healthcare Centre is opening the door to a new era in healthcare through a bold and transformative hospital redevelopment. In preparation for the new hospital and with the support of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Centre is conducting the innovative Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE), an exciting new research study. The POE is a formal evaluation of a hospital’s design, use and operating conditions conducted before — and after — the new facility is built, and will evaluate six priority design elements of our new hospital. To learn more about each study, visit the links below:


Connection to Nature Bedside Terminals

Team Substations Family Zones

Congregate Dining Decentralized Patient Registration

The POE is a comprehensive, ongoing study that will be conducted from 2018 – 2025. 


The POE will help us contribute to building better healthcare for the future, by measuring the impact of the new hospital on patients, employees, volunteers and family/friends, and on operational efficiencies, safety, and overall user experience. It will also result in a final report for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, contributions to scientific literature, and opportunities to engage West Park patients, staff and family/friends with campus development. 


Feedback Wanted

As part of data collection, West Park patients, staff, volunteers, and friends/family are strongly encouraged to get involved in each of the 6 POE research studies by providing valuable feedback on their West Park experience. Your input will be used to improve healthcare design for the future! 
Feedback on the West Park experience in the current hospital has now been collected. Feedback on the new hospital will be collected when the new facility is built (planned for 2024-2025). To participate in future POE feedback activities or to learn more, please contact