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Jan Walker Nordic Trip

Jan Walker, West Park's CIO and Vice President of Strategy and Innovation is visiting four Scandinavian countries November 17-23, 2018 representing not only West Park, but Canada as a whole.

The trip, organized by Innovation Norway as part of the Nordic Projects and in partnership with Global Affairs Canada, will take Walker to Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Walker will also be blogging about her visits to Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, sharing stories about the innovations, people and qualities that make Scandinavia unique.

She will also leave West Park’s mark on the Nordic countries in an entirely different way—by hiding West Park–branded objects for a GPS-based treasure hunt. This activity, also known as Geocaching, will invite participants in Scandinavia to look for these objects by following GPS coordinates that Walker will supply on her blog.

Be sure to follow her here through her daily blog posts, seen on the right margin of this page.