Building Pathways

blazing trails

There are no short cuts in research. We travel down a path, knowing it will lead to another and another. There is no final destination but an ongoing purpose of enhancing lives, inspiring hope and encouraging independence.

At West Park our research focuses on respiratory rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, spasticity, acquired brain injury and knowledge transfer.

We’re looking at better treatment options, differentiating what works from what doesn’t, questioning the untested and asking “what if”. Underscoring it all is a commitment to improving mobility and community integration for our patients and clients.

That’s why people come to us. They are looking for help to become stronger, more mobile and to be involved in their communities living life to the fullest. We are with them on the journey.

There is a spirit of inquiry at West Park that extends from patients to senior scientists. It drives our research, blazing the trail ahead. Asking clinically relevant questions results in useful answers that inform and
advance our clinical practice. That is what the research we do at West Park is all about.

See the Building Pathways in Research and Education Research Day video or read the publication from 2010.