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West Park appoints new Respiratory Rehabilitation Research Chair

April 2019 - West Park Healthcare Centre is delighted to announce that following a national search, Dr. Dina Brooks, a leader in the study of pulmonary and cardiovascular rehabilitation, has been appointed as the National Sanitarium Association Chair in Respiratory Rehabilitation Research. Learn more  

Nordic Innovators pitch their health solutions to West Park

April 2019 - Innovators from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland converged on West Park April 3 at the Nordic-Canada Health Solutions Initiative event to “pitch” their innovations to West Park clinicians and patients. Learn more  

West Park partners with researcher to measure effects of outdoors on therapeutic experience

February 2019 - West Park Healthcare Centre is partnering with UK-based researcher Dr. Cláudia C. Andrade to design a Patient Experience with Outdoor Rehabilitation Therapy scale. The scale is the first of its kind in the area of outdoor rehabilitation, and aims to capture how the natural outdoor environment may act as an enabler to improve the patient’s therapeutic experience. Learn more  

Help future patients by sharing your West Park experience

October 2017 - West Park is building a new hospital! And to ensure we continue to provide exemplary care and operational excellence in the new building, as part of the Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) initiative, we need your help! Patients, physicians, staff, friends and family are invited to contribute valuable feedback on their West Park experience, via an approximate 20-minute survey. Learn more  

COPD Affects More Than Your Lungs - study shows lung disease also takes toll on legs

March 2015 - A lung disease known primarily for destroying a person’s ability to breathe also significantly reduces endurance of muscles in a patient’s legs, according to a new study published this month in Chest. This study, conducted by West Park researchers, shows quadriceps endurance is reduced in individuals with COPD compared with healthy control subjects, independent of the type of task performed. This is particularily important because research has shown reduced quadriceps muscle mass and strength in COPD patients have been associated with a higher mortality and morbidity, as well as increased hospital admissions.    Chest, March 2015; Vol.147, No. 3: 673-684  

Timing is everything for teaching self-management of COPD - West Park study 

March 2015 - Self management of COPD is a key component in successfully managing the disease and can reduce hospital admissions in patients with stable COPD. But when to teach self-management practices to people with COPD can be just as vital. This study, published in the journal Chest and conducted by West Park researchers, takes a closer look at how effective the teaching of self management interventions. It concludes that providing self management tips to patients immediately following an acute exacerbation is not nearly as effective as training after the individual with COPD has stabilized and more time has passed. This will help hospitals use its resources more effectively and at the same time help patients avoid continual hospitalization.    Chest, March 2015; Vol.147, No. 3: 646-661

Coping with COPD aided by family support - Study finds support and education makes impact

March 2015 - People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) who engage in support and education programs with their family members as part of pulmonary rehabilitation experience remarkable improvements in coping skills, managing distress and sexual relationships, according to a study published in CHEST Journal. Co-authored by West Park Senior Scientist Dr. Dina Brooks, this study shows that although COPD patients who received support with or without a family member experienced significant improvements in exercise tolerance and health-related quality of life, those individuals who participated in the psychosocial support and education sessions with a family member experienced remarkable improvements in their coping skills and relationships. Some research has shown families have expressed the need for more emotional support and information about disease management and this study shows, from the positive impact of shared support and education, that there are real benefits to the quality of life for people with COPD.   Chest, March 2015; Vol.147, No. 3: 662-672

Making strides in understanding Spasticity

September 2013 - With a condition so underdiagnosed and misunderstood as spasticity, there is bound to be a huge knowledge gap regarding the effects and nature of this complex medical issue. West Park is doing its best to help narrow and eventually eliminate that gap with a robust amount of quality research in the works.  Read more 

Breaking new ground in COPD research

August 2013 - A key element in West Park’s future in research is the funding, recruitment and retention of capable, talented researchers. The Centre has made a pivotal step in the right direction with the addition of a new scientist focusing on pulmonary rehabilitation research  Read more 

Community-based exercise study growing

February 2013 - A research trial at West Park is focusing on a unique way to try and ensure continued improvement and early results and expansion of the study show researchers are on to something big. Study goals The study is a randomized controlled trial of a postrehabilitation community-based exercise program for individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Read more