Wearable Devices

Perceptions and effectiveness of wearable devices for physical activity in people with COPD

Wearable device for exercising

Regular physical activity has health benefits for people with lung disease, but many are inactive. Wearable devices (e.g., Fitbit Inspire™) keep track of activity and can remind people to move. We do not know what people with lung disease think about using these devices or if they are effective and want to learn more. If you agree to participate, you will wear devices for one (1) week and answer some questions about your experience, then wear different devices the next week and answer questions about the new devices (2 weeks total). During the two (2) weeks you will also fill out an activity diary. If you have COPD, have not had an exacerbation in the last six (6) weeks, and do not own a FitBit Inspire™ device, this study is for you! 

If you are interest in participating or learning more about this study, please contact Wade Michaelchuk at 416-243-3600 ext. 3665 or wade.michaelchuk@westpark.org