Music and COPD

Using Music to Increase Exercise Performance

Music and COPD

At West Park, we are interested in learning how listening to music while exercising affects people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

We completed a review of studies looking at the effect of music during exercise training, exercise testing and at rest. Overall, studies showed that music used during exercise training over 2-3 months had a positive effect on walking distance, quality of life, and shortness of breath.

Using music during exercise testing and at rest showed inconsistent results. We then conducted a study to see how listening to music would affect the results of a walking test and found that listening to music allowed people to walk for an extra minute with less shortness of breath. 

Take home message: For people with COPD, listening to music while exercising may lead to benefits in symptoms, quality of life and exercise capacity.   


Review of Music in COPD 
Impact of Music on Exercise Endurance