Joint Research Ethics Board

Research review and approval process

Any research or study conducted at West Park Healthcare Centre including those with affiliated partners or undertaken by persons connected to West Park Healthcare Centre, involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Joint Research Ethics Board (JREB).

The Joint West Park Healthcare Centre – Toronto Grace Health Centre Research Ethics Board (hereafter referred to as the JREB) exists to ensure that all research involving human subjects (hereafter referred to as “Research”) conducted under the auspices of the institutions West Park Healthcare Centre and Toronto Grace Health Centre (hereafter called the Partnering Institutions) meet the highest scientific and ethical standards.

Ethics are principles of right conduct guiding “what ought to be done.” In the context of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Guidelines on Research Involving Human Subjects, the JREB subscribes to the following ethical principles that are commonly held and valued by diverse research disciplines:

  • Respect for human dignity;
  • Respect for free and informed consent;
  • Respect for vulnerable persons;
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality;
  • Respect for justice and inclusiveness;
  • Balancing harms and benefits.

Role of the JREB

The JREB is responsible for reviewing all Research protocols to ensure that Research proposals are reviewed in accordance with Tri-Council standards. Moreover, the JREB will operate in compliance with International (ICH Good Clinical Practices: Consolidated Guidelines), Canadian (Health Canada Division 5 of the Food and Drug Act Regulations and the Tri-Council Policy Statement), and Ontario (Personal Health Information Protection Act) standards which govern the composition and function of Canadian REBs. In addition, the JREB is established to be compliant with U.S. regulations (Food and Drug Act, TITLE 45 – Code of Federal Regulations Part 46: Protection of Human Subjects, and the regulations of the Office of Human Protections).

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JREB Research Policy

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