A smarter hospital bed


West Park is working with other Ontario hospitals to test the Ably hospital bed.

Developed by Ably Medical AS of Norway, the intelligent bed incorporates machine learning to learn, mobilize and collaborate with patients at risk of falls and pressure ulcers.

West Park’s role with this project, headed by Pam Madan-Sharma, Lynn Suter and Penney Deratnay, involves using an additional innovation, the MVN BIOMECH suit made by Xsens of the Netherlands, to evaluate the Ably bed for its ability to reduce musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare workers who lift and transfer patients.

West Park nurses will wear kinematic suits embedded with tiny, 3D motion tracking sensors.

Researchers will compare biometric changes in the nurses’ centre of mass and support base when lifting and transferring patients with the Ably bed and with a standard hospital bed.

This project is also funded by a CABHI 2017 Industry Innovation Partnership Program (I2P2) grant.