About Research and Innovation

Fostering new ideas and advancing health technology

Research and innovation at West Park Healthcare Centre builds on the hospital’s long history of care and looks to the future. It is an ongoing quest to discover better treatment options, differentiate what works from what doesn’t, question the untested and ask “what if.”

Research at West Park

Our research is focused in five areas: respiratory rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, spasticity, acquired brain injury and knowledge transfer.

Driving it is a spirit of inquiry that extends from patients to senior scientists. We ask clinically relevant questions to find useful answers that inform and advance clinical practice.

To learn more about West Park's research areas of interest, visit the Research Themes section.

Innovation at West Park

As the number of new healthcare technologies continues to grow, West Park is also pursuing a growing number of innovation projects that have the potential to improve patient care and help patients get their lives back.

“Research and innovation have always been important drivers to improve quality of care, but with the recent explosion of new medical technologies, we have many more opportunities to create innovative solutions,” says Jan Walker, vice president of Strategy, Innovation and CIO.

“In the past, manufacturers were more focused on selling solutions. Today, the relationship has shifted to more of a partnership model, where we work together to
develop and test new ideas.”

To learn more about West Park's innovation work, visit the Innovation Projects section.