Work Related Injuries

experienced care for many types of injuries

Work-related injuries

Work related injuries are one of the leading categories of injuries.

The clinic is experienced in treating common work-related injuries including:

  • Injury to the upper extremities caused by repetitive motions;
  • Soft tissues injuries including the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, and wrist;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Back injury/pulled or strained muscles;
  • Leg sprains, strains, or muscle tears;
  • Overexertion;
  • Shoulder pain or frozen shoulder;
  • Sciatic pain;
  • Falls.

The clinic also offers Work Hardening and Work Conditioning as part of its Return to Work Program, and is also one of few clinics in Ontario awarded the WSIB Occupational Disease (Specialty Respitory Program) and WSIB Specialty Amputee designation.