Wheelchair, Walker and Seating Assessments

personal, comprehensive assessments

Wheelchair Assessments

West Park Rehab Plus provides ADP-authorized wheelchair, walker and seating assessments. Assessments ensure the proper wheelchair, walker and seating support based on a person’s specific needs and posture.

Our comprehensive assessments will assess postural, pressure relief and mobility needs, and ensure the best function and maximize comfort.onditions such as arthritis, diabetes, neurological and circulatory conditions tend to manifest initially in the feet.

While the goals of each person who completes a seating assessment with a therapist will vary, benefits may include:

  • Reduced pressure sores;
  • Increased comfort;
  • Increased function;
  • Improved fit and support;
  • Enhanced psychological and social well-being.

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) policy provides funding for a wheelchair or scooter every five years, and funding for seating every two years (click here to learn more). With so many seating devices on the market, choosing the proper wheelchair or scooter can be difficult.

Assessments can also be performed prior to purchasing a wheelchair/scooter to help an individual choose the most suitable device based on his or her individual needs.