improving your overall physical health

Kinesiology at West Park

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. It focuses on how the body functions and moves.

Kinesiologists work to understand how and why people move the way they do, and the factors which limit and enhance our capacity to move. Kinesiology can benefit all those who move, including high-performance athletes, people suffering from chronic injury or disease, and those wanting to improve their overall physical health.

Our Kinesiologists provide the following services:

  • Functional ability evaluation; Musculoskeletal assessment;
  • Ergonomic assessment;
  • Postural evaluation and education;
  • Rehabilitative and functional re-training exercise;
  • Fitness conditioning;
  • Cardiac rehabilitation;
  • Stroke rehabilitation;
  • Physical demands analysis;
  • Work hardening/work conditioning program;
  • Respirator mask fit testing and training.