Chiropody and Orthotics

Maintain foot health

Chiropody at West Park

Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, neurological and circulatory conditions tend to manifest initially in the feet.

Our chiropodists - specialized footcare experts - are trained to maintain foot health by addressing a variety of foot-related ailments including:

  • Ingrown nails;
  • Fungal or thickened nails, athlete’s foot;
  • Warts, corns and calluses, bunions;
  • Diabetic footcare;
  • Plantar fasciitis/heel pain;
  • Biomechanical foot dysfunction.

Custom Orthotics and Shoes

Most people are unaware that knee, hip and lower back pain may be directly related to their feet. The impact of aging, gait, level of activity, weight gain and improper footwear are all factors that can cause biomechanical instability of the feet, which may result in pain in the above-mentioned areas and in the foot (toes, heels, ankles).

Our chiropodists are trained to assess, manufacture and fit customized foot orthotics and shoes to help alleviate your pain and discomfort.