Back Care Education

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Back Care education

Painful, disabling, and costly back injuries are all too common in health care.

Rehab Plus offers training in safe lifting and transferring for health care organizations and caregiver groups. We customize this training to your organization’s policies and procedures, patient population, and caregiver needs. Training can be held at either a GTA location of your choice or at West Park, in a room with equipment similar to the equipment caregivers use in the community.

The interactive and practical training highlights proper handling techniques and emphasizes communication with clients, family members, co-workers, and managers. Participants practice using equipment and bring real life problems, which we discuss and resolve as a group. These discussions give participants information they can use immediately and also foster an organizational culture of health and safety. Each participant receives a certificate of attendance and a handout for reference.

After the session, we share an analysis of participants’ feedback with management so the organization can identify concerns and implications for organizational health and safety.