As part of West Park Healthcare Centre, we have always upheld the strictest personal health information privacy policies in all aspects of our business. West Park's privacy practices and policies follow the provincial government's Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Our practices are also consistent with those of other hospitals across Ontario and are based on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Model for the Protection of Personal Information (the "CSA Code") 10 guiding principles. An abbreviated version of West Park's comprehensive Privacy Policy is available for review here.

In addition, the following steps are taken to ensure the utmost in confidentiality:

  • Confidentiality agreements signed by all staff;
  • Locked cabinets, shredding boxes and restricted areas;
  • Password-protected documents/reports/computers/file cabinets;
  • Bar coding of all master files to track file movement;
  • Privacy compliance and enforcement via West Park's privacy officer.

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