Your guide to parking locations and rates

Parking Updates and Rules

  • There is major construction happening on campus. Please respect the speed limit, drive cautiously and be aware of changing directional signage. For construction updates, click here.
  • The parking lot in front of the Main Building, Long-Term Care Centre and the Ruddy Building are reserved primarily for visitors and patients who are not staying overnight. If you've been admitted to West Park as an in-patient, please do not leave your car in the lot, unless you have made special arrangements with a Service Manager.
  • Please respect the "NO PARKING" signs marking designated fire routes. Emergency response teams count on these routes being clear. Fines for parking in these routes are high.


West Park Parking Map - Updated Sept 2020

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Rates (Effective April 1, 2022)

Parking is available at modest prices at hourly, daily and monthly rates. Those authorized to use accessible spaces still must pay for parking. NOTE: Parking payment machines only accept coins and credit cards. A change machine is located in the Main Building across from communications, but bring change, use your credit card or use the Flowbird App to avoid inconvenience. To use Flowbird, visit, switch the country to Canada and then for location type precise Toronto and then search 82 Buttonwood Avenue or the Zone ID#6096 or West Park Healthcare Centre.

Parking fees help support patient programs at the Centre. 

Visitor parking passes and designated lots are available only to friends and family of patients within West Park Healthcare Centre.  Please ensure to park within the appropriate designated areas as outlined by the various signs throughout the Centre’s property.

$5 for first hour, $2.50 per half hour thereafter
Daily Max - $16.00
Payments can be made at the pay-and-display machines in the parking lot or through the Flowbird App.

Multi-day parking passes are by CREDIT CARD ONLY.  Registration forms for Multi-Use Passes can be obtained at the Communications Office in the Main building – Main Level – Near the Auditorium Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  After hours and on weekends, Security may also be contacted for assistance by dialling 437-996-7161.

In accordance with government regulation, West Park Healthcare Centre offers the H-PASS. A multi-day, reduced rate parking pass for frequent visitors. For more information, click here.

5-day H-PASS - $40.00 ($8.00/day)
10-day H-PASS $80.00 ($8.00/day) 
30-day H-PASS - $170 ($5.66/day)

H-PASS Features:
• Valid for use in visitor parking lots
• Transferable among patients, their visitors and vehicles
• Equipped with in-and-out privileges within a 24-hour period
• Valid for consecutive or non-consecutive days
• Valid for one year from the date of purchase

Use of H-PASS
- Insert the pass into the parking pay and display machine to receive a ticket to display on your dash.


Unlike the H-PASS, the 30-Day monthly pass must be used on consecutive days, and is non-transferable. 

30-day consecutive pass $115.00 ($3.83/day)

Use of 30-day Monthly Consecutive pass
– Upon registration, a “virtual” hang tag will be created and assigned to one (1) license plate only allowing a particular vehicle to park for 30 consecutive days from the date of purchase. 

Contractor parking is limited at this time to the East / West Road (Entrance 2) on a first come, first serve basis with the purchase of a day pass from the Pay & Display Machine only. Multi-Use / Consecutive visitor passes are NOT available for contractors nor is use the use of designated visitor parking areas.  If you are a contractor and found to be parked within a non-designated area as per the appropriate signage throughout the Centre, you risk having your vehicle tagged and/or towed at the owners expense.  If all temporary contractor spaces along the East / West Road (Entrance 2) are full, you will have to park your vehicle off of the Centre’s property.

Parking Rates and Frequent Visitor Parking Pass Form 


Charges are for use of parking space only.

No responsibility is assumed for injury to persons using the lots or for loss or damage to vehicle or contents.


While West Park Healthcare Centre has taken steps to protect staff and visitors, we encourage everyone o be aware of their surroundings at all times, and in particular while in the parking lots.  

SafeWalk & Security

If you would like to have a member of our Security staff escort you to, or from your vehicle, or to report any suspicious behaviour please call 437-996-7161.

Summary of Parking infractions

Parking without a valid pass
Parking in roadways, entrance ways, hash marks or any areas bearing “No Parking” signs, or “Fire Route”.
Vehicles parking in more than one space.
Parking with stolen, altered, or illegally obtained pass.
Parking without required permit in “Handicap Parking” stalls

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Areas

Patients and visitors may be picked up and dropped off at the Centre’s main entrance, or Ruddy entrance.  The vehicle must remain occupied; otherwise, parking at a meter is required.

Unattended vehicles will be ticketed. 

Spaces for Persons with Disabilities

“Accessible Parking” stalls are available just outside the Main Entrance and Ruddy Entrances. Hourly/daily rates apply.

We kindly remind visitors and patients that the disabled parking permit must be visibly displayed on the dashboard.

Street Parking

Limited street parking is available on nearby streets.  Please check the time limits carefully on city posted signs.  

About Parking Fees

Funds generated offset the cost for the repair and maintenance of our existing lots, hydro, security systems, and winter maintenance.