Vaccination Clinics

    Thank you to everyone who helped support the COVID-19 vaccination clinics

    West Park Clinics numbers

    Saturday, October 23, 2021 saw 75 people getting COVID-19 vaccinations at the Community Place Hub clinic, bringing to a close this historic, successful community initiative.

    Oct. 23’s clinic was the last at the Weston Road location, which has provided 20, 308 vaccinations since April. Combined with the West Park Healthcare Centre clinic which ran March-August, 32,594 vaccinations were given.

    The clinics were created through a partnership between West Park, The Community Place Hub, Unity Health, West Toronto Ontario Health Team and the North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team; and provided first, second, and third doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

    York South-Weston included priority neighbourhoods/hot spots during the pandemic, and the clinics stepped up, vaccinating most days of the week at one point. It was a remarkable achievement.

    Thank you to each and every partner organization and the key individuals at each who made the clinics a reality, dealing with supply interruptions and other logistical obstacles with grace and determination.

    Thank you to the many clinic staff members, who managed difficult circumstances and evolving information in remarkable fashion.

    And, thank you to the people who got the shot and received over 32,500 vaccinations at the clinics. Thank you for helping in the battle against COVID-19.

    If you are looking to get your first, second or third dose, please visit for more information.