TELUS helps West Park patients stay connected

Donation of devices helps West Park patients connect

Patient and staff member with TELUS mobile device
Ed Dunn and West Park Recreation Therapy Assistant Naomi Max

How we stay connected with family and friends has changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And for patients at West Park Healthcare Centre, this couldn’t be more true.

With the suspension of non-essential, personal visits to the hospital, patients need other ways to connect with family and friends. A new initiative, in partnership with TELUS is working to provide the means to connect.

TELUS, with West Park’s Information Technology, Patient Experience and Recreation Therapy departments, is providing mobile devices to patients so they can connect with family and friends.

TELUS, through its TELUS Mobility For Good COVID-19 Emergency Response program, donated 65 tablets, smartphones and flip phones to West Park to be loaned to Centre patients and West Park Long-Term Care residents.

Ed Dunn is a long-time patient in West Park Healthcare Centre’s 3WF unit and is already benefitting from the program. He has been using one of the donated TELUS tablets for a few weeks, video chatting with his wife, Ann, every other day. He also listens to audio books and calls in for the West Park Healthcare Centre’s Coping with COVID sessions with Dr. Sharon Jankey and Dr. Gillian Rowe.

“My wife used to visit every day and I miss her, but I’m happy that we can now connect through the use of technology,” Dunn says.

Jan Walker, West Park’s V.P. Strategy, Innovation and CIO, says the value of this kind of program is immense. ”TELUS shares in our desire to keep patients connected with their loved ones in this challenging time, and that is exactly what this gift will do,” Walker said.

Thank you TELUS, and our IT, Patient Experience and Recreation Therapy departments for providing this vital initiative.

For information on ways to stay connected using technology, visit here.