COVID-19 Visitors Policy

    The latest visitors status for West Park Healthcare Centre

    Visitors in hospital

    We continue to update our Visitor Information based on guidance from Ontario Health.  Please click on the link below for updates on our Visitor Guidelines.

    UPDATED JULY 19, 2021

    Visiting the Centre

    All patients may designate one (1) Essential Visitor or Essential Care Partner, and two (2) alternate to visit them in the Centre. Children are not permitted in the Centre at this time, but may be accommodated for outdoor visits. Please the guidelines for details. 

    Updated Visitor Guidelines at West Park Healthcare Centre - July 19, 2021

    Visitor Agreement 

    Visitor Access as Essential Care Partner application 

    Screening at entrance
    Please note, all visitors must be screened when coming to the Centre, whether visits are occurring inside or outside on hospital grounds. Effective July 21, 2021, our ramp from the main entrance circle to the rooftop patio will be open to enhance mobility/access to our grounds for patients/visitors. Visitors must continue to go to the main entrance to be screened, prior to using the ramp.

    How to safely wear a medical mask

    Leaves of Absence for current inpatients
    West Park Healthcare Centre is pleased to resume short leaves of absences (less than 12 hours) for our patients that are fully vaccinated and follow infection prevention and control (IPAC) measures. These IPAC measures are in place to help keep patients, staff and visitors safe while at the Centre. Please use the link below to view the guidelines for patients while leaving hospital grounds.

    Tips for Safe Leaves of Absence for Patients

    Outpatient appointments

    Patients may have an Essential Visitor accompany them to an outpatient appointment only if required due to mobility, cognitive, communication, or language challenges, or for emotional support due to a life-altering diagnosis.  Otherwise, visitors are not permitted to attend outpatient appointments, at this time.