dedicated to meeting the needs of our residents


    Our team of nursing and support staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of our residents through Courtesy, the right Attitude, a commitment to Responsibility and a passion for Excellence...CARE.

    A big part of how we measure our success is by how residents and families feel about the care and services we provide.

    We encourage feedback from both, and are committed to transparency and meeting both provincial and national standards of care. Our November 2011 voluntary accreditation survey by Accreditation Canada is a testament to that commitment.

    West Park's long-term care standards compliance record has always been a matter of public record. After each annual Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care evaluation, we post our compliance reviews in the facility.

    We work not only with the ministry, but also with our residents, families and staff to ensure that any findings are resolved in a timely manner. We treat complaints and concerns as opportunities to improve the care and service we provide to residents, and strive to communicate during the resolution process in an open and honest manner.

    If you have any question about our quality initiatives, you are encouraged to discuss them at any time with:
    Matt Lamb, Long Term Care Centre Executive Director
    Diana Cole Harris, IPAC Manager.
    Vannett Hamilton, Director of Resident Care

    They can be reached by phone at: 416-614-9494
    Or by e-mail at: