Remarkable Moments

    In lives full of remarkable moments, we help create even more

    Whether it’s a brief encounter or a life changing event, these unique moments enrich lives. And we do everything we can to make them happen.

    To give you an idea of how we can make a difference, here are Remarkable Moments from our home.

    Our Remarkable Moments

    October 2023 - Halloween Party

    Summer 2023 - Best Wishes Irene

    March 2023 - International Women's Day and Bus Trips Back in Action

    February 2023 - Black History Month and Therapeutic Recreation

    October 2022 - Truth and Reconciliation Day

    August 2022 - Vendor Fair

    April 2020 - Compassionate Palliative Care 

    March 2018 - Turning 100 

    January 2018 - Tree Decorating 

    November 2017 - Mini Makeovers 

    October 2017 - Compliments to the LTCC 

    September 2017 - Resident Bell Choir