Learning Modules

Introduction to Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology   

An introduction to the anatomy of the respiratory system and how we breathe. 

Tracheostomy Tubes and Stoma Care  

Information about the different tracheostomy tubes, and how to provide care for a tracheostomy stoma.

Tracheal Suctioning and Manual Ventilation   

Learn about the indications for and the performance of tracheal suctioning and manual ventilation.

Introduction to Long-Term Invasive Mechanical Ventilation  

Gain an understanding of long-term invasive mechanical ventilation – from indications to setup to troubleshooting alarms.

Caring For an Individual on Long-Term Ventilation   

Explore activities of care provided to a person on long-term mechanical ventilation.

Introduction to Long-term Non-Invasive Ventilation   

Education on the long-term use of non-invasive ventilation – from indications to setup to troubleshooting.  

Augmentative and Alternative Communication   

Discover the many ways to interact using augmentative and alternative communication.

Cough Augmentation  

Learn about the use of mechanical insufflation/exsufflation (Cough Assist), breath stacking and manually assisted cough.