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Nursing hero

Marsha Samuels

There is no more challenging a time in a healthcare worker’s career than during a global pandemic, but it’s during these times that we see them rise up and excel. While all staff at West Park did just that, one registered practical nurse (RPN) made a particular impression on one patient’s family member.

Marsha Samuels, an RPN for West Park’s tuberculosis service, was given an honourable mention in Hospital News’ July Nursing Hero edition, for her above-and-beyond care and compassion.

The honourable mention comes from Bettina Fong, whose mother was recently admitted to West Park in the unit where Samuels works.

“It seems as though Marsha is always at work, but she takes it on with such courage and strength during these uncertain times,” wrote Fong.

Samuels’ bedside manner, passion, and positive attitude were just some of the many reasons Fong felt inclined to submit the lengthy write-up for the monthly publication.

“I feel that Marsha is genuinely interested to help her patients as I sense that she intrinsically motivated,” Fong wrote. Fong also thanked Samuels for “making such a profound difference in our community.”

Samuels, who was very humbled to be recognized, insists on sharing the recognition with the entire team on the tuberculosis team, acknowledging the collaboritive effort it takes to provide exceptional care to patients on their unit.

"I think caring people help others not because they expect a reward, but because it's the natural way to show kindness," she says.

Lori Davis, Service Manager, was very proud of Samuels’ honourable mention and had nothing but great things to say about her.

“Marsha is a caring individual who consistently builds trusting relationships with our patients,” Davis said. “She is a great team player with her colleagues and we are fortunate to have her on the TB service. Congratulations, Marsha, on your honourable mention!”

From everyone else at West Park, congratulations Marsha! And keep up the amazing work!

Read the full article submitted by Bettina Fong in the July 2020 edition of Hospital News here.