Project Stages

Ontario's Five Capital Planning Stages

Stage 5 graphic of capital planning stages 

There are five capital planning stages involved with building a hospital in Ontario. West Park is currently in "Stage 5: Construction" for the Hospital Development.

Stage 1: Proposal

In June 2009, West Park submitted its 800-page “Business Case for Campus Redevelopment” to the Health Capital Investment Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This comprehensive report laid the groundwork for West Park’s long-term, multi-stage redevelopment that included estimated costs, site and building plans, a fundraising strategy and other operational issues.

Stage 2: Functional Program

West Park completed Stage 2: Functional Program in August 2015. The Functional Program describes services, patient volumes and patient needs in the future. Based on these future projections, the document then outlines projected staffing, space requirements and department adjacencies that will be incorporated into the design of the new hospital.

Functional Programming Kick-Off Event 
Martha Harvey, West Park's Senior Project Manager of Clinical Integration, chats with food services staff at the Functional Programming Kick-Off Event in September 2014. Harvey explains how the hospital's new Hospital will incorporate design that have been proven to improve patient care.

Stage 3: Output Specifications

West Park submitted its Stage 3 submission on October 2016. Using the Functional Program as a guide, the Project Specific Output Specifications (PSOS) document generates a list of criteria and standard features West Park’s new facilities must incorporate in its design.

The PSOS details architectural, technology, landscape and design features West Park wants to incorporate in new hospital. For example, since natural daylight has proven to promote healing, West Park has stated that there will be a terrace on every floor so patients may have easy access to the outdoors.

Stage 4: Request for Proposals

In this stage, West Park and Infrastructure Ontario released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to shortlist the pool of candidates to three developers. This ensures the project team has the required experience and track record to design, build, finance, and maintain West Park’s capital project on-time and on-budget.

In July, 2017, West Park and Infrastructure Ontario released a request for proposals (RFP) to the three pre-qualified candidates, enabling the teams to begin work on their proposals for the new facility. When responding to the RFP, the teams must meet the criteria outlined in the PSOS from Stage 3 when designing the new hospital.

The three shortlisted candidates have now responded to the RFP, and the RFP stage is now closed. A fairness monitor is overseeing the entire procurement process. 

Stage 5: Implementation/Construction

West Park is now in Stage 5, the implementation phase where a developer is selected and construction begins. EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare has been awarded the contract to design, build, finance and maintain West Park's new hospital. Learn more 

For more information, please contact the Campus Development team at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or