Year-End Review 2020

Enjoy the 3 min 26 second video recapping the progress made on West Park's construction site this year. We highly recommend turning up the volume!

For those who doubted whether construction for West Park’s new hospital would ever begin, the year 2020 proved them wrong. 

Earlier this year, West Park held the BIG DIG Celebration — which seems like a lifetime ago — to mark the beginning of excavation for its new facility. As if to make up for years of anticipation, the campus seemingly transformed overnight and the landscape changed continuously week-to-week. 

Instead of words, we thought a video to capture the essence of the progress made this year was in order. (Be sure to turn-up the volume!)

Thank you to staff, physicians, patients, family members and the community for your support as we build our dream hospital that will help patients get their lives back.

Happy holidays and we’ll see you in the New Year!