Construction Brief

September 2020

Excavation of P3

North and South Inpatient Blocks 

In a section of the North Inpatient Block, construction crews are preparing the second floor for a concrete pour.

Repeating the same process as the first floor, metal platforms have been erected and supported by a scaffolding system set to the right height to allow the pouring of the concrete floor. This platform also surrounds the columns so when the concrete slab is poured, it connects to the columns. The entire area will then be sprayed with oil to prevent it from sticking to the concrete, allowing the metal platforms to be easily removed after the concrete is cured (hardened). 

Making their way from the North to South Inpatient Block, EllisDon continues to pour concrete for the first floor with steady progress. 

Outpatient Block

EllisDon has almost completed the excavation for the third level of underground parking located underneath the Outpatient Block. Construction crews are also placing end caps on the caissons, which are concrete cylinders that contain steel beams called “piles” inside. The caissons are buried deep so that it may transfer the weight of the building into the earth.

Underground mechanical and electrical cables and pipes have also been installed beneath the surface of the underground parking. In other parts of the Outpatient Block, workers are building the foundation walls, first by waterproofing the shoring walls and then spraying concrete (known as “shotcrete”) on top of the waterproofing. 

Mock-Up Rooms

Replicas of various types of patient rooms are under construction beneath the basement of the Long-Term Care Centre. A model communications centre (inpatient unit reception) is also being created in the basement of the Gage Building. 

Although the shape and dimensions of the patient rooms have been determined, the mock-up rooms will be used to obtain feedback on the future flows within these spaces, as well as placement of hardware, furniture and equipment. It will also serve as a training area for staff prior to move-in day and used for research purposes. Patients, family members, physicians and staff can expect to view the mock-up rooms in early 2021.

Name the Cranes Contest

With the arrival of West Park’s third and final crane in August, we launched a contest to name the three cranes.

Simply send us three names for the cranes and their significance to by Friday, October 2.

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Virtual Community Town Hall – Tonight (Sept. 30) at 7:00 p.m.

West Park and EllisDon will provide a brief 15-minute update on construction operations for the community, followed by questions and answers.

To register and receive details for the video/teleconference, please send an email to

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