Construction Brief

September 2021

New angle of live feed camera

The live feed camera has a new angle! Watch it at

Construction Highlights

Construction Cam
West Park’s live feed camera moved from the roof of the Ruddy Building to the second floor of the Long-Term Care Centre. The new camera angle now faces the front entrance of the new hospital located in the Outpatient Block and part of the North Inpatient Block to the right. To view the camera, visit

Auditorium Wall and Canopy
Featured in renderings of the new hospital, construction workers began installing the curved exterior wall panels of the auditorium that will be covered with the iconic Muntz metal. The frame of the canopy below was also installed this month. 

Window Installation
Construction workers are making their way around the North Inpatient Block to install the windows for the patient rooms and coloured glass spandrels. The large windows will bring an abundance of natural light into the patient room and provide patients with spectacular views to the outdoors.

Door Frames
Temporarily placed in the cafeteria, stacks of steel door frames are awaiting installation throughout the new hospital. All the doors will be high impact resistant. West Park has also taken into account the size and material of each door to suit every space, building code requirements and the appropriate safety glass where applicable.

New Public Street
Construction is still ongoing for the new public street on the current East-West Rd., which runs from Charlton Settlement Ave. to the visitor parking area east of the Gage Building. The work includes the installation of water mains, sewer lines and ductwork for communications that will connect to the new hospital. 

As part of the new campus road network, the paving of the road connecting Buttonwood Ave. to the North-South Rd. (still to be officially named) will also be completed. Work is expected to be end in November. 

Non-Hospital Development

In addition to the construction of the new hospital, West Park has another capital initiative referred to as the Non-Hospital Development (NHD) that would build a mixed-use housing, health and social services for seniors and people with disabilities on the eastern-side of the campus.

In 2015, through an open, competitive bidding process, and consistent with our vision of developing an integrated campus of care, Amico was the selected developer for the NHD project. West Park and Amico Properties Inc. mutually agreed to end its longstanding relationship effective September 1, 2021.

West Park remains committed to the development of the non-hospital lands and its vision of an integrated campus of care. As such, West Park continues to explore options to proceed with the Non-Hospital Development. 

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Cafeteria and Cafeteria Patio (46 secs)
Main Corridor from Inpatient to Outpatient Block (2 mins 16)
Geriatric Unit on Level 2 (1 min 07)