Construction Brief

October 2020

Foggy construction site in October

Crane operators had to adjust to the varying weather conditions this month from rainy to high wind conditions. Photo credit: Erica McCloskey 

North and South Inpatient Blocks 

Construction crews continue to prepare concrete pours for the second floor beginning from the North Inpatient Block and moving their way to the South Inpatient Block, where the first floor concrete pours are almost complete. 

EllisDon has temporarily brought propane tanks onsite because, as the weather turns colder, the concrete needs heat for curing.

Outpatient Block

EllisDon has completed excavation for the third level of underground parking located beneath the Outpatient Block. On the east end of the Outpatient Block by the EllisDon trailers, the dirt ramp from ground level to the third level underground is now closed, as workers build the foundation walls in the area where the ramp existed. Therefore, any excavators or other heavy vehicles and machinery will be lifted into the pit by a crane.

Starting from the west end (or the area across from the Long-Term Care), construction crews are hammering away to create the platform that will enable the concrete pouring for the second level parking (P2) floor.

Mock-Up Rooms

Located in the basement of the Long-Term Care Centre and Gage Buildings, replicas of patient rooms are beginning to come to life with the installation of millwork, flooring, lights, etc.

Although the shape and dimensions of the patient rooms have been determined, the mock-up rooms will be used to obtain feedback on the future flows within these spaces, as well as placement of hardware, furniture and equipment.

Opening in early 2021, patients, family members, physicians and staff can expect to view the following rooms and areas:

  1. Standard Single Inpatient Room 

  2. Single Patient Room for the Acquired Brain Injury Behavioural Service (ABIBS) Unit

  3. Airborne Isolation Room

  4. Medication Room

  5. Communications Centre (inpatient reception desk)

  6. Touch-Down Sub-Station 

  7. Elevator Cab

Winner of the Name the Cranes Contest

Staff member Sharlene Rennie, the winner of the Name the Cranes Contest, poses with construction mascot LEGO Man in front of the tower cranes

Winner of the Name the Cranes Contest

After a week of voting and a total of 255 votes, the winner of the Name the Cranes Contest goes to Sharlene Rennie for her entry of Wychwood, Phoenix and Thunderbird.

The winning crane names are a nod to West Park’s long history. Wychwood recognizes philanthropist and West Park’s founder, Sir William Gage, who lived at 82 Wychwood Park in Toronto’s Davenport Road and Bathurst Street area. Rennie notes the peculiar coincidence that West Park’s address also contains the number 82. 

Rennie’s second name choice “Phoenix,” a mythological bird that cyclically regenerates and obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor, recognizes the great fire of December 1, 1920 that destroyed several buildings on the West Park grounds. Following the fire, West Park was born again, much like a phoenix, from the ashes and continued to help patients rise above to “Get Their Life Back.”

Lastly, her third choice “Thunderbird” honours Coast Tsimshian Elder, Shannon Thunderbird, who presided over the Tree and Land Blessing Ceremony in 2018 as West Park prepared for the new hospital construction. Thunderbird reminded attendees that West Park’s land has been devoted to healing for more than 100 years and it will continue to do so after construction.

Over the warm months, three cranes arrived on campus to help build West Park’s new hospital. To spark fun, West Park launched the Name the Cranes Contest whereby staff, patients, volunteers and community members submitted three crane names and the significance behind their choices. A committee — consisting of a patient, volunteer and frontline healthcare worker and EllisDon representative— shortlisted the entries based on creativity, meaning and alignment with West Park’s values.  The four finalists were announced and the West Park and wider community had one week to vote for their favourite names.

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