Construction Brief

November 2020

West Park: Construction of Underground Parking
Thunderbird, West Park’s third crane located in the Outpatient Block, is busy helping construction crews with the concrete pours of the first and second levels of underground parking

North and South Inpatient Blocks 

West Park’s Musculoskeletal (MSK) unit is taking shape as a concrete pour was completed for a section of the third floor in the North Inpatient Block. The Stroke and Neurology unit will soon take shape as construction crews prepare for the second floor concrete pour in the South Inpatient Block.  In the basement of the North Inpatient Block, workers are installing drainage and sprinkler pipes throughout the floor.

Outpatient Block

EllisDon has almost completed the second parking level (P2) of the three levels of underground parking. At the same time, workers have begun to pour concrete for the first parking level (P1) on the opposite side of the Outpatient Block.

Mock-Up Rooms

Opening in early 2021, replicas of patient rooms, team spaces and an elevator cab will be available for viewing virtually and in-person with proper COVID protocols. The models will be used to obtain feedback on the future flows within these spaces, as well as placement of hardware, furniture and equipment.  

Located in the basement of the Long-Term Care Centre and Gage Buildings, patients, family members, physicians and staff can expect to view the following rooms and areas:

  1. Standard Single Inpatient Room 
  2. Single Patient Room for the Acquired Brain Injury Behavioural Service (ABIBS) Unit
  3. Airborne Isolation Room
  4. Medication Room
  5. Communications Centre (inpatient reception desk)
  6. Touch-Down Sub-Station 
  7. Elevator Cab

Crane Mural Installation

In October, West Park announced staff member Sharlene Rennie as the winner of the Name the Cranes Contest. Along with bragging rights and a prize pack, her winning crane names are now displayed on a large mural that has now been installed under the covered hoarding (fencing) on Buttonwood Ave. 

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Future Stroke and Neurology Unit (2nd Floor of South Inpatient Block) 23 secs
Future MSK Unit (3rd Floor of North Inpatient Block) 14 secs
P2 is nearing completion (Outpatient Block) 17 secs
P1 is underway (Outpatient Block) 14 secs