Construction Brief

May 2021

Auditorium Pour Construction crews poured the auditorium on Level 2 this month

Hospital Hopes 

"I’m looking forward to more space, more flexibility, and more options for patients, caregivers and staff.  

I’m looking forward to working in a place where anyone, whatever form of mobility they are using, can find multiple “happy places” where they are comfortable to do therapy, work, eat, visit, do hobbies, exercise, relax, enjoy life… anything they want or need to do. 

I’m excited for everyone to have the ability to enjoy sunlight, scenic views, and to choose whether to be in the middle of the action, or someplace more private, or somewhere in between.”

Denise Stremler 
Neurological Rehabilitation 


Denise Stremler, Physiotherapist

Inpatient Block

Did you know the new hospital will only supply 100% fresh air versus recirculated air? Kudos to the planning and design team who had this foresight before the pandemic began!

On the penthouse level (roof), construction workers have lifted three large air handling units to be installed. These air handling units will supply 100% fresh air into the North Inpatient Block.

Each level is at varying stages of installing sprinklers and drainage pipes, studs for the walls, framing, masonry work and installing “rough-ins,” which are electrical boxes, lighting, fire alarm, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). 

On the exterior, pre-cast brick panels continue to be lifted and installed in the North Inpatient Block. 

Outpatient Block

The auditorium floor has been poured, which is located on Level 2 above the main entrance (across from Gage Building). With new audio-visual equipment and an array of lighting options, the future auditorium will be a flexible space that can host a variety of events from lectures to a New Year’s Eve Bash. 

On Level 1 below the auditorium, drywall, mechanical and electrical services are being installed. Above the auditorium, construction crews have finished pouring the Level 5 slab and are continuing to form and pour Level 6.

Construction on the parking entrance ramp to the underground parking garage has started and will continue into next month. In the new building, there will be three levels of underground parking beneath the Outpatient Block. Levels P1, P2 and P3 have already been created and construction crews are currently installing mechanical drainage lines and electrical services. 

Construction Cam

To provide a different view, the live feed camera overlooking the construction site will be moved to a new location in the coming weeks. The camera will be relocated between the Gage and Long-Term Care Centre Buildings, which faces the entrance of the new building. The re-location may disrupt the live feed for a few days. To view the camera, please visit

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Outpatient Block | Concrete Pour for Remaining Level 1 (16 secs)
Going down to P3 (56 secs) 
Installing mechanical and electrical on P1 (43 secs)
Auditorium Concrete Pour (23 secs)