Construction Brief

May 2020

West Park's first crane

First Crane
The campus skyline has changed with the arrival of West Park’s first crane in early May. The 200 foot (almost 18.5 storeys) crane took two days to fully assemble in front of the current Ruddy Building or future location of the new hospital’s north inpatient area. Two more cranes are expected to arrive on campus in the next few weeks.

Concrete Footing 
Next to the crane, EllisDon began pouring the concrete footings that will support the foundation of the new building and prevent it from “settling” (sinking into the ground). 

The width and depth of the footings are based on the weight being transferred from the columns at each level through to the footings. The condition of the soil that was collected and assessed during the geotechnical drilling in the early days of construction also play a factor in determining structural details. 

Continuation of Shoring and Excavation
Over the course of the next few months, excavators, cement and dump trucks will be common vehicles on the construction site as crews continue to build shoring walls, excavate and assemble footings throughout the entire footprint of the new hospital. 

East-West Road
After completing a portion of the underground tunnel work that will connect the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC) to the new hospital, construction crews modified the portion of the east-west road in front of the LTCC and created 27 new visitors parking spaces along the roadway.  The remaining portion of the east-west road from the Gage building through to Charleton Settlement will commence in the coming months.

East-West Road - May 2020

More visitors parking has been created in front of the Long-Term Care Centre and Gage Buildings

Covered hoarding for Ruddy Sidewalk 
Covered hoarding (fencing) has been installed over the sidewalk leading from the Long-Term Care Centre to the Ruddy Building. The covered hoarding is to protect pedestrians from the overhead construction activities of the crane. 

New Gage Switchback Ramp 
Changes to the roadway impacted the grading (or slope) from the road to the entrance of the Gage Building. Thus, a new switchback ramp has been created to meet current accessibility standards.
New EllisDon Trailers
Still to be occupied, EllisDon’s new two-storey trailer complex is situated next to the new South Parking Lot. The new trailer structure will replace their existing trailers. Other structures, such as a lunchroom, are being constructed or installed within the construction hoarding zone.

See the Action

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