Construction Brief

March 2020

Construction Site - March 2020

Summary of the month's construction activities

Tree Blessing
First Nations Elder Shannon Thunderbird gave a final farewell to the last group of trees that will be removed to continue construction for West Park’s new hospital. 

Shoring and Excavation
Observers can begin to see a “pit” forming in front of the Ruddy Building as construction crews dig the footprint of the new hospital.

Changes to Visitors Parking
Early this month, the Main Visitors Parking Lot closed permanently to accommodate the footprint of the new hospital. To offset the loss of parking, a new “Visitors Parking – South Lot” opened across from York Humber High School. The location of the new parking lot is the second closest area to the Main Building that is available to patients and visitors during construction.

Building of Covered Hoarding

Benches and Covered Hoarding
Recognizing the new visitors parking lot can be a far walk, benches have been installed along the sidewalk from the new South Parking Lot to the Main Entrance. As well, a covered hoarding (fencing) is being installed along a section of Buttonwood Ave. to protect pedestrians from overhead construction activities. (Image above)

Canopy Removal
The canopy that covered the former main entrance was removed to also accommodate the excavation of the new facility.

Ramp to Rooftop Patio
Construction crews are creating a ramp leading from the main entrance to the Rooftop Patio. This will allow outdoor access and a viewing platform for patients, family members and staff during construction.

Installation of Sanitary and Storm Pipelines
Behind the Ruddy Building, directional drilling has begun as part of the work to install new sanitary and storm pipes to the existing building. The current sanitary and storm pipelines will be disconnected as they are running beneath the footprint of the new hospital. These lines will eventually be extended to the new hospital.

Underground Tunnel
Since October, construction crews have been placing the structure of the underground tunnel that will eventually connect the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC) to the new hospital. Earlier this month, the roof slab was poured on top of the tunnel structure and left to “cure,” which enables the concrete to set, harden and reach its maximum strength before the paving of a roadway above.

Duct bank

Duct Bank
A duct bank was installed to supply future power and communication cables from the new hospital into the LTCC. 

Duct banks are groups of conduits designed to protect and consolidate cabling to and from buildings. Currently, cables from the Main Building connect to the Long-Term Care Centre. Since the Main Building will be demolished after the new hospital opens, this newly installed duct bank will eventually replace the current one. 

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