Construction Brief

March 2021

Exterior brick installation

In March, construction crews began installing the dark exterior brick in the South Inpatient Block. See video below

Hospital Hopes 

I am looking forward to seeing the size of the rooms. Hopefully, they will be much larger. I am currently residing in a two-bedroom and there isn't much space to move around or store belongings. Staff are constantly moving furniture around when they are transferring us from the bed to our wheelchairs. I'm also a little fussy with what I wear so having large closets would satisfy me...maybe a walk-in?

I'm also looking forward to all the glass proposed that will make up many of the exterior walls of the new building. Being able to observe the outside from many locations will be a real treat. The ability to enjoy the sun from inside especially during the winter months will enhance my quality of life by providing a warm, calm and relaxing feeling.

Michael Harrison
Patient and Family Advisory Committee


Michael Harrison looks forward to having his own room and the natural light that will fill the new hospital

Inpatient Block

Exterior Brick

Many patients, staff and visitors have expressed amazement on how quickly construction has moved the past year. In the second last week of March, people on site were surprised and delighted to see panels of the exterior brick being installed.

“I like the brick look they are installing on the new build,” says Bill Burke, an electrician who has worked at West Park for almost 40 years. “It has a nice organic feel to it and classy looking too.”

The bricks are made by Endicott, a family owned business since the 1920. RES Precast Inc., a precast brick manufacturer and installer, then inserts the bricks within concrete panels at their site in Barrie, Ontario. RES Precast began fabricating the brick panels for West Park’s new hospital since October 2020. 

Over the next few months, drivers on Highway 400 may see the panels en route as they are shipped by a flatbed truck from Barrie to West Park. Construction aficionados can then watch RES Precast mount five to eight panels a day.

The new building’s exterior draws from West Park’s extensive natural heritage to communicate warmth and welcoming. The exterior brick pays homage to the history of the campus, its existing structures and the buildings of the past.

“Chosen for its craftsman like quality, when one looks closely, the subtlety of each brick is unique with variations in colour and texture,” says Jason Dobbin, Principal at Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc., the firm that designed the exterior of the new hospital. 

The building will have a blend of two different ironspot bricks with a light glaze to allow for reflections. The brick colour will subtly change throughout the day based on weather conditions and the intensity of the sun. 

Air supply and exhaust ductwork

Construction workers install air supply and exhaust ductwork on Level 1 that will run from the Ground Level (basement) to the penthouse (roof) 


This month, construction crews also moved onto creating Level 6 in both the North and South Inpatient Blocks. After completing the concrete pours for each floor, construction workers begin the following process:

  1. Install sprinkler and drainage pipes, and studs for the walls, which is currently happening from Levels 1 to 5. The drywall studs shape the department rooms and corridors.

  2. Frame and install masonry blocks to form electrical and mechanical rooms, which is currently happening on the Ground Level (basement) and Level 1 (main floor)

  3. Install services typically built into the structure –known as “rough-ins” – such as electrical boxes, lighting, fire alarm, heating, medical gases, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) pipes, which is currently happening on the Ground and Main Levels.

Outpatient Block

Observers may notice that half the Outpatient Block is rising faster than the other. Currently working on the third floor, constructions crews want to reach the penthouse level (roof) in this section, so they can fully install the new building's mechanical services such as, air handling units, exhaust, air compressors, cooling towers and back-up generators. 

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