Construction Brief

July 2022

Outpatient Gym under construction

A view of Buttonwood Avenue through the one-way tinted windows from the Outpatient Rehabilitation (Rehab Plus) Gym that affords patients and staff privacy, while still being able to look out unhindered 

Construction Highlights


Though the main focus is on the interior, there is still work to be done outside. This month, construction crews were:

  • Grading the correct elevation for the new road in front of the new main entrance (across from the Long-Term Care Centre)

  • Completing the installation of white stone on the Outpatient Block section that extends beyond the core of the building is complete

  • Installing footings for the canopy columns in front of the main entrance

  • Prepping the area around the underground parking garage for landscaping

  • Erecting steel support structures for the installation of the dust collector for Prosthetics & Orthotics on the rooftop

    • Interior

      As EllisDon continues to make progress floor-by-floor, here are a few notable and tangible accomplishments: 

      • With electrical, internet and other cables installed above the ceilings in B1, ceiling tiles are now beginning to be placed

      • Skylights have been installed above the Feature Stair on Level 1

      • Flooring has begun in the units on Level 2

      • Painters have begun painting Level 3

      • Acrovyn – wall protection that is durable, easy-to-clean and aesthetically pleasing – are being installed in the inpatient rooms

        • See this month's construction photo gallery here

          Construction Camera

          Much to the disappointment of many of our patients, family members and staff, the live feed camera has been down the past month due to technical issues. 

          Thank you to everyone who reached out. It’s assuring to know how many people are interested in watching the live feed camera!

          EllisDon and West Park are working to get this resolved. We thank you for your ongoing patience!

          Colour Reveal

          In the new hospital, each floor will have its own distinct, accent colour to help patients and visitors locate their destinations.

          Find out what accent colour has been assigned to each floor